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Our Online Training Programs:

We now offer grant writing training courses for those who'd like to have help filling out applications or those who want someone to fill the grant out for them! The classes start at just $49.00! Click on the class you'd like to take and get started today!!!

  • Grant Writing - Keys to Success:​​

  • How to set up a DUNS, SAMS or FEMA Go account

  • Understanding how to read a NOFO (Notice of Funding Opportunity)

  • Developing the “Narrative” for your grant application

  • Should I do it myself or engage a professional grant writer to do it for me?

  • What information you need to provide to the Grant Writer so they can do their job properly (regardless of whether they are “in house” or an outside professional).

  • How to maximize the likelihood of you receiving the money you need from a federal grant

  • Grant Writing 101 For Firefighter Grants (AFG)

  • Understanding what information is needed when submitting an application for the AFG (Assistance to Fire Fighters) grant

  • Where to find the data and statistics you need

  • What kind of things can I get money for (and what’s probably a waste of time)?

  • Grant Administration, Close-Outs and Audits:

  • What to do AFTER you receive funding from the government

  • The Basics of Government Grant record keeping and reporting

  • How to keep from going to jail for misappropriation of funds!

  • How to avoid the federal government requiring you to repay funds (that you probably no longer have) because they were not used appropriately or the proper documentation was not completed or submitted in a timely fashion.

  • How to avoid your next grant application being delayed or rejected because you failed to complete a “close out” of previously received funding.

  • What to do if you receive a notice from a government agency that you are being AUDITED!

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