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Need Help With FEMA GO? We Know How to Help!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

This page provides an overview of the Grants Management Modernization (GMM) initiative, reviews FEMA GO user roles, touches on the importance of in FEMA GO, and presents key functionalities needed to successfully begin navigating the system.


Grants Technology Division Expected Outcomes:

FEMA GO will replace the legacy systems currently used to manage FEMA grants, but the legacy systems won't go offline until their functionality has been fully tested and validated in the new system. So have no fear, your data is here and will remain secure and available. GTD Expected Outcomes:

  • Improved technology to meet business needs

  • Simplified grants life cycle processes

  • Improved timeliness of grant awards to survivors and communities

  • Access to complete and accurate grants data in one system



  • The FEMA Grants Outcomes (FEMA GO) system automatically imports certain information from an organization’s active SAM record, including the organization’s legal name, mailing and physical address, EIN, DUNS and DUNS +4 numbers, and the Electronic Business Point of Contact (eBIZ POC).

  • This information is automatically added to a grant application. As part of your application, you must verify that the organizational information imported from SAM is correct.

  • If awarded a grant, financial transactions conducted between your organization and FEMA will utilize the banking institution information contained in your SAM record.

  • Updates made to your SAM record can take up to 48 hours to reflect in FEMA GO. Updates may include details on an organization’s core information or changing the individual listed as the ‘Electronic Business Point of Contact’ (eBIZ POC).

  • If you create or re-activate a SAM record, it generally takes 24-48 hours before the FEMA GO system recognizes the updates and allows you to register your organization or begin an application.


User Registration Process:

2. Click “Create an account”

3. Enter your Email – Confirm your Email

4. Complete the CAPTCHA

5. You will receive an email with a link to complete your registration. Click on the link in the email. Don't forget to check your Junk and Spam folders!

6. Complete Registration

i. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and a password of your creation with at least:

* 1 lowercase letter

* 1 uppercase letter

* 1 number

* 1 special character (!@#$%^&*?)

ii. Retype the password in “Confirm password”.

iii. Click “Submit”.

7. Log in to the FEMA GO site

i. FEMA GO automatically adds your organization from if the eBiz POC email address in is the same email used to create your FEMA GO account.

8. WELCOME to FEMA’s new grant system! Your view in the “Welcome to FEMA’s new grant system!” page will depend on your Role/Roles in FEMA GO


When first logging in as the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) or Subrecipient Authorized Representative (SAR), FEMA GO will display the name of the AOR or SAR and their organization information.


How to Look up your Organization POCs:

  • Enter an organization’s DUNS number to retrieve the organization’s eBIZ POC information.

  • If the organization has not been registered, the eBIZ POC must create a FEMA GO account and successfully complete registration.

  • If the organization has already been registered, please reach out to the eBIZ POC to be added to the organization in FEMA GO.

Still have questions? Don't worry we can answer them, request a free consultation here, email us at or call us today at  (405) 887-9111!

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