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Our Mission

To provide business owners looking for money for their business who have ventured out on their own with the funding & sales support they need to take their business to the next level!

We strive to help entrepreneurs capitalize on the unique benefits of the products and services they sell.

Let us help you turn your ideas into a profitable business venture.


We Can Help YOU!

Are you an Expert in your industry? Have you been in business for yourself at least 1 year? Is there something unique about the product or service you sell? Does the industry that you are in have excellent growth potential? If you answered “YES” to most or all of these questions – we’d like to consider partnering with you to help you take your business to the next level.

See if you qualify for our special 10X Growth Financing Program (no payback required)

Ready for a Free Consultation?


Have questions about what how our program works or what type of assistance you could potentially qualify for? Fill out our Free Consultation Request form to talk to one of our Business Development Specialists.


About Us

We are an aggressive Private Equity Group with an extensive track record of being able to provide financing for people and projects that traditional banks and lending institutions either can’t or won’t provide funding for.

And we don’t just provide money. We are a full-service business development organization with highly skilled marketing and sales professionals that can help our joint venture partners not just get the financing for their operations but can help them BUILD their business to income and profit levels they often hadn’t even dreamed of previously.

The people and projects we prefer to partner with and provide financial and marketing support to are:


  Entrepreneurs who have excellent insider knowledge of their industry.

Businesses that have been in existence for at least 1 year but no longer than 5 years.

Projects that have some type of sales track record – even if they are not profitable yet.

Products and/or services that have a Unique Selling Proposition or some type of advantage in the marketplace.

Business ventures that are part of an industry that is expanding and has significant market growth potential.

Partner with us. And there’s no limit to what we can accomplish together!

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